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""Pell & Bales take a keen interest in every aspect of our account, and are strongly motivated to achieve the best results possible for us." RSPCA

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Pell & Bales has achieved much more for the sector than simply to bring supporters back on board as regular donors, vital though that is for charity income.

We were the first agency to pilot fast-track winback solutions for charities. By reaching supporters as soon as possible after their gift is missed, we've been better able to uncover and address their reasons for cancellation. With sensitive negotiation - but effective thought leadership - we've seen this breakthrough approach lead to significantly improved results for our clients.

We've also been able to help pre-empt cancellation – for example, with specific campaigns to contact vulnerable data at likelier moments of higher attrition. Where an in-house opportunity for reactivation prevention has been identified, we've also helped clients to train their own teams of retention specialists, turning charity administrators into impassioned advocates and negotiators.

Some clients require large-scale rolling reactivation programmes; others undertake to contact small volumes of supporters, tactically placing the campaign at a key point in the year. Either way, Pell & Bales can help you construct the right reactivation telemarketing programme for you as part of your overall reactivation strategy.

Our clients tell all: see the case study below.