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"Pell & Bales have been recruiting new Child Sponsors for ActionAid since 2002, and in this time they have consistently delivered what they said they were going to." ActionAid

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Company Overview

We believe there is no substitute for people who can recognise and deliver quality

From our fundraisers to our account handlers, we know that the quality of our results and service is dependent on employing the very best people. Responsive, intelligent, skilful and effective - these are the words our clients use to describe our people, and these are the attributes we look for in our staff.

We also believe that outstanding fundraising is driven by intelligence

That's why we've invested so much time and intellect in understanding the nature of telephone communication and why we're continuously developing innovative products and approaches to our clients' challenges - all with the aim of maximising income.

And we know that hard work delivers results

Our reputation for quality, results, innovation and thought leadership is hard earned. Numerous industry awards, lasting relationships with our clients and the satisfaction of effecting change are our rewards.

For 20 years we've systematically applied these principles to everything we do. Why? Because we founded our company to deliver social change through the work of our clients and we're passionate about delivering fundraising success.

Company Overview