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"Scope has worked fruitfully in partnership with Pell & Bales over the last 8 years. They have great planning and data capabilities and deliver consistently strong results." Scope

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Cash Conversion

If there was ever a time when cash supporters were falling over themselves to convert to regular giving, now is certainly not it. They've now been asked many times for a regular gift, they've said 'no' and they'll refuse again next time if the approach isn't spot-on. In an ever-tougher area of supporter development, we’re still achieving great Cash Conversion results for our clients, just as we were in the early days, when supporters were being asked to convert for the very first time.

We've helped many clients to mine their deeply lapsed cash files by designing segmentation approaches that maximise learning and help predict profitable roll-out. And with newer supporters, we help clients to increase response to New Donor Welcome telemarketing, even in the face of diminishing response to cash recruitment.

Take our clients' word for it: see the case study below.

Cash Conversion