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"Their passion for our cause is really evident, with both callers and account team helping to deliver our ambitious plans to achieve change for children." Save the Children

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For those telephone fundraising calls where advocacy has to work in a different way, and where results are less easily attributable, Pell & Bales has been developing bespoke approaches for more than a dozen years.

You'd be right to expect an extremely sensitive, no-pressure agency call about legacy giving; we'd be letting you down if we couldn’t deliver it. We appreciate that for every supporter who takes a pragmatic and open view on her Will arrangements and charitable support is a neighbouring supporter who guards his privacy and is quicker to take offence. This requirement for flexibility and extreme care is written into every aspect of our legacy campaigns to ensure your organisational needs are met while also producing a positive experience for the potential or existing legator.

Classic Pell & Bales legacy campaigns include enquirer generation, status clarification, event promotion and follow-up, and pledger retention. New types of campaign are being added to our portfolio regularly.