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"Pell & Bales are a key strategic partner that have helped us raise millions of pounds to support our objective of ending cruelty to children." NSPCC

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Active Cash Conversion

In 2008 Motability commissioned Pell & Bales to convert their active cash supporters into committed givers by Direct Debit.

The campaign represented a significant departure for Motability, who had never undertaken telemarketing as a means to recruit regular givers. Their recent adoption of Direct Debit provided the perfect opportunity to offer cash donors this new way of supporting the charity.

To test this new activity, Motability were looking for an unequivocally excellent financial result, strong leadership on all aspects of the project design and execution, and specific learning on this group of supporters.

The initial small-scale test campaign identified pivotal creative and data considerations that laid the foundations for a remarkable result: 16% of contacts set-up a Direct Debit, which was towards twice the agreed target; similarly, gift amounts were well above target. This test was the springboard for an even more successful second campaign, with 22% of contacts choosing to give by Direct Debit. Comparing this result with leading charities' expectations of 6-8% conversion underlines the importance for medium-size charities of exploiting the potential of their cash files.

Aside from raising unexpectedly large income, Pell & Bales' work has given Motability the telemarketing confidence and insight it was hoping for - particularly around data manipulation and creative approaches - and is now informing future activity as a new campaign is developed with Pell & Bales.