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"They delivered a very successful campaign confidently and efficiently which has paved the way for further development and investment in this important area of fundraising." Motability

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IT & Data Services

Your fundraising is only as good as the data work behind it. But you know that already. Our Systems Delivery Department understands that your fundraising success always hinges on data, from the first pre-campaign discussion to the final evaluation of performance. The team has extensive experience of collecting, analysing, manipulating and transmitting charities' data and creating the business processes that ensure all data work is delivered to consistently high standards.

That doesn't mean we have rigid approaches that we'll expect you to follow. Just as our fundraisers view themselves as your fundraisers, so our data team see themselves as intrinsically linked to your organisation and your success - and your way of working. But it does mean that we can offer you water-tight data protocols and clever IT-driven solutions to unfolding data challenges.

IT & Data Services