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"They have responded well to the changing needs of our account and have brought fresh ideas to our programme offering a wealth of fundraising experience." Macmillan Cancer Support

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I'm In Follow-up

Saturation marketing and donor fatigue need to be countered with new messages, integrated with new media, to attract and engage new supporters. Oxfam's 'I'm In' campaign, with its intrinsic telemarketing element by Pell & Bales, was a pioneering attempt to turn donor recruitment on its head and bring a new generation of donors on board in a cost-effective way.

Our role was to phone people who'd pledged their support for the campaign's central, memorable message - poverty is an injustice that can be overcome - to turn them from pledgers into supporters, asking them either to give each month by Paperless Direct Debit, make a donation or get involved in campaigning. Providing a campaigning alternative to financial support was a way of ensuring that donor acquisition offers are kept fresh.

Results were strong, with significant increases in PDD conversion and average gift value when compared with previous campaigns that utilised cold data lists.

The campaign was shortlisted for 'Best Call Centre Campaign in Fundraising' in the 2007 Connect Awards.