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"Pell & Bales have been recruiting new Child Sponsors for ActionAid since 2002, and in this time they have consistently delivered what they said they were going to." ActionAid

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Company History

Over the last two decades we've achieved outstanding results for over 100 clients, raising more than £1 billion for their essential and life-saving work.  From the largest in their fields to the niche players, we've run successful campaigns for every type of organisation.

In that time we've tried to learn from every campaign we've delivered. From clients we're working with for the first time to those who've been with us for over 20 years, we know there's always something new to be applied, something new to be learnt.

And during that time we've raised a lot of money. No other telephone agency has helped more charities to recruit more new supporters or generate more income from their existing supporters. In 2010 alone we raised more than £36 million and generated 60,000 regular givers for charities.

Company History