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"Pell & Bales have been a key partner in CRUK for over 10 years and have played a significant, strategic part in the growth of CRUK's Direct Marketing programme." Cancer Research UK

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Welcome to Pell & Bales

We're an award-winning company that designs and delivers outstanding fundraising campaigns.

Founded in 1990 by fundraisers committed to social change, we continue to be motivated by a profound sense of social responsibility and mission.

Driven to deliver the very best results, we've grown to become the market leader in our field. We're passionate about the quality of our work and we're continuously looking to innovate and improve what we do.

So whether you're interested in using the telephone for the first time or looking for new ideas, we're sure we can help.

Pell & Bales response to Etherington's review of fundraising regulation - 23.09.2015

Pell & Bales warmly welcomes the report published in Sir Stuart Etherington’s review today. Following the recent issuing of our own code of conduct we are pleased to see further standards introduced to ensure best practice and exemplary conduct become the norm within the rest of our industry.

Increased engagement between charities and their fundraisers alongside a donor-centric approach to the industry as a whole can only be positive for all those involved in the fundraising process.

The last few months have been transformative for the charitable sector and it is an exciting time to be working within it. Pell & Bales look forward to continuing to deliver for its clients and raise funds for some of the world’s most worthy causes. 

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